Survival 101- grief part 1

Alexander posted a comment in response to my last topic What Does it Mean to Fully Transition? And in this topic I will attempt to answer those questions in another two part response. Alexander said "I would love to know about that initial reaction of a trans individual when receiving the news that another sibling... Continue Reading →

What Does it Mean to Fully Transition?

Yesterday I was graced with the opportunity to discuss The Cis Jungle on The Talk UC and in light of that I am going to switch gears a bit and change topics. Instead of talking about gender identity vs. sexual orientation I've been asked by Alexander the host of The Talk UC to explore what... Continue Reading →

The Body Image Issue part 2 of 2

Remaining completely honest and transparent about my feelings and experiences with my own body image it has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I don't think that my thoughts and feelings are uncommon as a trans person. As a human being it is natural to feel a sense of dissatisfaction with who you are because the... Continue Reading →

Cis Privilege

I wanted to talk about a very expansive topic that actually could take days to discuss but I'm going to attempt to sum it up in one post; cisgender privilege. If you are cis and have been granted these benefits and privileges you shouldn't be ashamed that you have them but rather understand that these... Continue Reading →

Welcome To The Cis Jungle

Cis•individuals whose gender identity match the sex assigned to them at birth. A term that describes the vast majority of people, people who are not trans. Welcome to The Cis Jungle where girls like us are fighting everyday to find our place in society. It's a jungle out there where people all over the world... Continue Reading →

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