Black History Month

It is once again the final day of black history month. 26 times I have experienced this and it seems to reoccur every year with less and less significance. As we move to what a number have considered until recently (with the newest presidential election) a post racial society the stories, achievements and power of... Continue Reading →

A New Beginning

I’ve marinated in this for so long. Over the past 26 years I have stretched and evolved as a woman, as a black American and an invisible trans person. I think it’s finally time. People have discussed, suggested, urged and encouraged me to release a book. I’ve always thought I would but I am now... Continue Reading →


Contentment |ken’tentment| noun A state of happiness and satisfaction I never knew beaches like this existed in New York. The sky coated in blackness. The moon glowing like a pearl right in front of you and I. Rays of light shine down from it like a UFO making its way to earth exposing just a... Continue Reading →

Shit Made Gold

For nine months I forgot. The hurt was so intense I stepped away from the one thing that always ground me; writing. The day I stepped away from writing I began to lose myself more and more and it became harder and became increasingly more difficult to pick up a pen (or a keyboard) and... Continue Reading →

Womanhood by Catherine Anderson

She slides over the hot upholstery of her mother's car, this schoolgirl of fifteen who loves humming & swaying with the radio. Her entry into womanhood will be like all the other girls'-- a cigarette and a joke, as she strides up with the rest to a brick factory where she'll sew rag rugs from... Continue Reading →

Power by Audre Lorde

The difference between poetry and rhetoric is being ready to kill yourself instead of your children. I am trapped on a desert of raw gunshot wounds and a dead child dragging his shattered black face off the edge of my sleep blood from his punctured cheeks and shoulders is the only liquid for miles and... Continue Reading →

To Black Women by Gwendolyn Brooks

Sisters, where there is cold silence no hallelujahs, no hurrahs at all, no handshakes, no neon red or blue, no smiling faces prevail. Prevail across the editors of the world who are obsessed, self-honeying and self-crowned in the seduced arena. It has been a hard trudge, with fainting, bandaging and death. There have been startling... Continue Reading →

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