A New Beginning

IMG_8569I’ve marinated in this for so long. Over the past 26 years I have stretched and evolved as a woman, as a black American and an invisible trans person. I think it’s finally time. People have discussed, suggested, urged and encouraged me to release a book. I’ve always thought I would but I am now ready. My writing more seasoned that ever my confidence brighter than ever I’ve never had more feelings and thoughts about the world than I do now. This year after nearly four years of this blog, before age 27 I will finish my first book and begin (and possibly finish) the publishing process. This book won’t be the full story or the official memoir but a compilation epiphany’s, leanings and experiences. In a year of rebirths, renewals, rejuvenations this books is an appropriate fit. Everything in my life has guided me to this very moment of clarity and preparedness. I clearly see more than ever the value that is in my life and being while simultaneously understanding and coming to peace with how little value the world places on my life and being. I need to tell my story and I think people want to hear it. I feel as if I’ve experienced nearly everything in this world, but realize I know almost nothing about this world and that’s precisely what I want to share.

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