After 34 days and 5 flight cancellations I am finally on my wayback home to New York. writing in the sky gives me so much more clarity than I feel on the ground, perhaps its the detachment from my phone or from the world itsself and I often feel like I can stay up here forever. After losing my job in June my LA vacation didn’t seem like it was enough, and I was already trying to find the perfect time to visit Ohio for a weekend so with the last several hundred dollars I had I booked an inexpensive flight back to Cincinnatii where I planned to stay for two weeks and refresh my mind and soul. 
Meanwhile so much seemed to happen without me, good and bad, the night before I left there was a train derailment, while I was gone there was a second derailment, and (train) track fire, a prisoner “escaped” from Rikers Island, two people who are basically like collegues got married, Blac Chyna was sexuallly victimized, Beyonce announced the names of her twins confirming their birth, I finally met two guys in Cincinanti that I’d been talking to onlline and texting for over a year and the courtship between the trans guy I met in LA ended in an emotioanlly violent crash and burn (you’ll be able to read more about him and I in the future). July 10th my flight was cancelled and my trip was extended by another week. An unexpected but refreshing change because it allow me to truly have a free week about me and not entertaining old friends, something I love, but is honestly exhausting. July 17th my flight was cancelled which bought me another 6 days, by that time I was more than ready to get back to New York. Responsibly and adulthood awaited me in the form of bills and overpriced living; excuse me, overpriced existing. 
I’ve learned so may things about myself coming back to Cincinnati (one being I need to think twice before booking with American Airlines again) and was often refreshed on why I left in the first place. The things I’ve learned I plan to share with all of you in the coming weeks and months. But one thing I must keep reteaching myself is its a Cis Jungle and girls like us just live in it.

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