In The Cis Jungle by Lé Thompson 

In The Cis-Jungle, everyone wants to be an individual and be different, without making a difference to the status quo. But then there are those that shine brighter than the status quo, but that shine is often birth from rejection and fear by people who don’t understand the nature of accepting people that don’t mirror them – the status quo.
The status quo are cis-gender people that live their lives in freedom from being rejected from housing; being rejected from medical services; being rejected from employment; being rejected from their family, because they are the norm – the status quo. For those of us that are not the status quo, the gender non-conforming people; trans-people; inter-sex people; LGBTQ+ people; we have to navigate this jungle as an actual jungle that has real danger. Our lives aren’t a fictional stories like the jungle book where Mowgli find his people at the end of the story. No, in this jungle, the cis-jungle people are dying, but people are also thriving, and if you’re a successful story, there’s the concern of being tokenized, but that’s a different conversation for a later time.
That said, The Cis-Jungle is a dangerous and magical place, and maybe one day, the majority of cis-people will allow themselves to challenge the status quo, because the status quo hurt them first, then everyone else second.

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