Letter from the Editor; HBD!

Dear readers, 
I want to thank you for the past two years of joining me in celebrating identity and queerness. You all have expressed to me how powerful my writing has been to you, but I don’t think I have expressed how powerful it has been for me and what your thoughts comments and interest has helped me grow, challenged me, and validated my experiences and ability as a writer and I am thankful. 

We are a community The Cis Jungle is a community and in the next twelve months I will strive to make this space more of a community space which will serve all of us with special attention being paid to black queer and especially femme persons. I do not want The Cis Jungle to be seen as my space but rather our space, our community space. I have lots of ideas and surprises that will take place in the next twelve months. When I began The Cis Jungle two years ago today I did it without the consciousness of considering the launch of this blog was taking place in women’s history month or twelve days before Transgender Day of Visibility, but I ended up in good company. 

This year and every year moving forward we will celebrate The Cis Jungle’s anniversary for twelve days, one day to represent each month of the past year. The celebration will begin on actual anniversary date of The Cis Jungle, March 20th and coincidentally end on Transgender Day of visibility, March 30th. Please join us for the next twelve days in celebration as we kick off the next twelve days with contributing pieces from black queer people, videos, photos from the pst year and new posts! Please continue to read, share, comment, and help me grow.
In the words of a black woman I deeply admire “To be a black woman writer of non fiction and to be read is to truly be blessed and highly favored.” -bell hooks 
Happy 2nd Birthday to The Cis Jungle! 

With gratitude and love, 

Christian Carmen Olivia Jane 

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