2016 has been an interesting year by far one of the most complicated and trying years to date. I grew into an all new understanding of myself womanhood and maturity. I can remember with clarity how I spent my last New Year’s Eve. In my room in Bed with Grayson (my cat) watching the ball drop in New York City. This New Year’s Eve New York City is my home (and I am not going to time square to watch the ball drop, though its only a subway ride away. )

I struggle to put into words the pain and growth I have experienced in the last 365 days. Trying to cope with the pain of what it feels like to exist in my body. An existence I become more and more increasingly aware of with each day. In 2017 I will strive to focus more on the one person I somehow endlessly neglect myself. I don’t expect the coming year to be the most delightful year because I recognize it will take hard work to begin on the path to wholeness and happiness a year of tireless grinding. Thank you to all of my readers this year for making The Cis Jungle twice as great as it was last year with readership doubling! 

Bell Hooks said “To be a black woman writer of non fiction and to be read is to be blessed and highly favored” and I feel truly blessed to have all of my readers. Happy New Year!

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