Though I fall victim to unattainable beauty standards everyday as I walk trough the streets I appreciate the uniqueness and beauty in other women but I realize there’s no woman I’d rather be than the woman I already am. 
My intent is not to discredit other women because the truth is there are so many that inspire me so many who’s passionate hearts create a glow of loving fire in my eyes I’ve found I am not them I can never be them and bring authentically true to who I am at the core and my center we don’t hold the same passions I can’t continue to model my life after another 
You see while I may want to alter my look or appearance from time to time I don’t want to be any other woman but me.
I am so ready for a rebirth while I think small ones have happened I don’t think the big ah ha moment or turning point for change has happened yet. Does it just happen or do you have to manufacture that? Is it truly within my power to just take it 
I don’t say it often enough, but I love me. Christian, Carmen, Olivia, and Jane I love every single one of your weird twisted quirky bold and dramatic facades. 
 I believe I am wise enough to recognize I will never live up to these images of the idea woman I often imagine in the mirror but that is okay because I understand this is just an idea. I am at peace with being me as I am. 

24 will be a year where I grow closer to myself more comfortable living in the moment in my own skin. 

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