Me at 23

Today I am 23, and honestly a few years ago I couldn’t imagine me making it to this day. Through all the twists and turns I’m still here. I am so grateful and blessed To be spending this day in the state of California a place I once called home for a short period of time and a place I hope will be my final destination. 22 and 21 has been a year of learning and patience and faith. I’ve learned many lessons I wouldn’t have willingly explored but I remain grateful. But at 22 The Cis Jungle was born so I wouldn’t trade this past year in for anything. It was amazing to spend the Eve of my birthday with two amazing hard working trans women of color, icons in the trans community, Janet Mock and Isis King. This is a birthday I will not soon forget. I am so grateful to have seen 23 years of life and I pray 23 is the tipping point of growth and success in my life. Thank you to every one of you who contribute to my life and make me who I am. Thank you to all of my readers, I love you. 
I look forward to growing with all of you through The Cis Jungle, you give this blog the power it has. 


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