Welcome To The Cis Jungle

Cis•individuals whose gender identity match the sex assigned to them at birth. A term that describes the vast majority of people, people who are not trans.

Welcome to The Cis Jungle where girls like us are fighting everyday to find our place in society. It’s a jungle out there where people all over the world are fighting for whatever “survival” means to them but for trans people the fight is uniquely different.

I will start off by introducing myself and the intention of this blog. I am Christian Jackson a 22 year old trans woman of color living in Covington Kentucky. I absolutely love fashion and the beauty industry in fact I LIVE for it! I’m also very interested in exploring Social Justice issues and creating equality within the LGBTQ community, specifically bringing a voice to the T (trans), which is often silenced. And on a less relevant note I am a huge Beyonce fan! I thought that would be fair to confess as I may mention her from time to time in posts.

Finally my intention behind creating this blog is to 1. Become a resource for other trans people out there, answering questions, providing information and sharing experiences, and serve as a perspective voice and 2. To become a source of education and learning for the cis community. Hopefully the information I provide in this blog helps bridge an understanding of trans issues and maybe even provide answers to some if the questions you have for trans people that you may not necessarily feel comfortable asking or that you SHOULDN’T ask. I am comfortable putting myself in the space to answer questions or concerns but not every trans person is. Please keep in mind that just as cis people are all very different and no two people are the same that is also true for trans people. No two trans people have the same experiences and what I write may not be a reflection of another trans persons life. These are just my uncensored experiences, thoughts and views on my own life and navigating the The Cis Jungle.

Please I encourage everyone to share your thoughts and opinions feel free to ask questions (within reason!), tell me what you like and don’t like, and give me suggestions on
new topics to write about!

-Christian XOXO!

Next topic:Cis Privilege

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